The Green Deal

For the Renewable Heat Incentive please follow this link

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a government scheme that allows the homeowner to improve the energy rating of their home. These improvements will decrease the amount of wasted energy and will reduce the monthly energy cost to the homeowner.

How does it work?


An assessment of your house will be made by a Green Deal Assessor. For a 1-2 bed property expect to pay £40-£60 for this. For a 2-4 bed property it will be approximately £45-£65.


You will receive a quote for a Green Deal plan based on the assessment of your home.


A Green Deal provider will then pay for the work to be carried out and a Green Deal installer will carry out the work proposed.


The energy supplier to your house will pay back the Green Deal loan made through savings on your energy bill.

For more detailed information please log on to the following official websites:

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Launched in early 2013 alongside the Green Deal the ECO is a scheme set up between the six big energy firms and is designed to help those households on a low income. The key element to the ECO is the Affordable Warmth Obligation, this provides insulation and heating system improvements to low income and vulnerable home owners.

This scheme is means tested and has an eligibility process. For more information on the ECO and to check if you can apply for this scheme please contact the Energy Saving Advice Service 

Other grants available include the Renewable Heat Incentive