New Build PV

Financial Benefits of Solar PV

  • istock-cash-house-solar1-300x3007.28% Annual return on investment for 20 years -higher than ISA’s, Premium Bonds & Annuities*
  • Earn an annual income from the Government that is index linked and tax free
  • Earn income back from the energy companies by exporting electricity back to the grid
  • Protect against rising electricity costs- up to 50% of electricity needs generated by the Solar PV panels


Solar PV as an Investment

  • 7.28% return higher than Annuity (2%), Premium Bonds (0.14%) & ISA (1.68%)*
  • Quick, tidy and efficient 2 day installation
  • Guaranteed tax free yearly income from the government through the feed-in tariff scheme
  • VAT for installation only 5%
  • Index linked to protect investment against volatile financial markets
  • No yearly maintenance required**
  • The more electricity prices rise, the more you save
  • The minimum expected lifespan of solar panels is 25 years meaning you save even more in the future and have longer protection to rising electricity costs
  • Add value to your property
  • Very low risk investment due to the tax free, index linked and government guaranteed 20 year income
  • Cost of installation has halved in 2 years giving you a better value investment


How is the Income Generated?

istock PV panels

  • The Feed-in tariff is paid by the government every year for 20 years index linked and tax free. Its value is based on the amount of electricity your solar PV system generates – this is the primary source of income
  • Income is also generated by exporting excess electricity back to the power grid at a industry standard price
  • Large electricity savings are made by generating up to 50% of your annual electricity needs


 Why Lewington Solar?

  • We are a local business which offers a local point of face to face contact for any queries, technical advice or support
  • Full MCS accreditation (Check our profile out here)
  • We have been operating for over 30 years – this has only been achievable through our extensive and renowned customer service (Customer Testimonials)
  • Proven efficient, clean and reliable workmanship (Customer Testimonials)
  • Paper work handled primarily by us to ensure your system maximises its financial potential
  • Extensive experience in solar installations (See our list of case studies)
  • We even have solar PV installed on our office

Worried About the Aesthetics?

  • Click to Enlarge

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    New sleek all black panel design is changing the way solar PV looks on your roof

  • No extra cost for the sleek panel design
  • No silver metal frame
  • No performance change from silver framed panels
  • Our panels come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee


Installation Process

  • Solar photovoltaic panels are mounted and placed on your roof at the most optimum position to maximise the financial rewards you receive
  • Standard installation requires 12-16  solar panels located on the roof
  • DSC00282One inverter is placed usually in the roof space or as close to the panels as possible – this converts solar energy into usable energy
  • One generation meter installed for you to be able to monitor the electricity you generate
  • No more standard installation requirements needed although further monitoring devices are available
  • This is completed within 1 or 2 days


What are the next steps?

If you are interested in learning what you could earn from solar PV then read our document on the standard returns from the solar PV investment. Read the Solar Brouchure Download Pack now.

If you are interested in getting a free quote for solar PV on your home then either email or call 01858 433333 and ask to speak to Darren King

To Learn a Little More If you are interested on how solar PV works then please follow this link to explain it a little more. Read More

*All figures compared from genuine like for like quotes from a leading Annuity provider and a local ISA provider. Annuity payment is index linked and all quotes were based on an initial investment of £5350

**No regular yearly maintenance required although there could be a need for a one off inverter change after 10 years, the cost of which has been factored in to all our figures

Not Just Solar

Lewingtons as a company isn’t just a Solar company we also do Heating & Gas, if your new build also requires central heating or any other plumbing or heating installations, Lewingtons can incorporate this all into our work. With a new build project managing is a very difficult task having all your work completed by one company simplifies the managing, we can complete the work at the same time to quicken the building process without cutting corners. If this prospect interests you please visit our other website at or speak to our office on 01858 433333.

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Lewington Solar Installation specialises in solar PV installations in the Market Harborough, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire areas. We are MCS accredited solar installers and also do solar PV installations across various other locations in the Midlands region, including Foxton, Kibworth, Lubenham, Uppingham, Oakham, Uppingham, Oakham, Rutland, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

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