Solar Thermal Case Study – Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club

Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club go green with Lewingtons

The Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club (LLTC) is located in the Stoneygate area of Leicester. The club has 18 tennis courts as well as 2 squash courts and a clubhouse, originally built in 1931. Prior to the work carried out by Lewington Heating & Gas, the building was not very environmentally friendly. “We use a lot of hot water in the showers and in the kitchen,” explains Tim Watt, Honorary Secretary at LTTC. “We have about 60% double glazing which we are extending slowly and all the radiators have TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves), but we tend to have a lot of open doors letting heat out. We have recently doubled the thickness of roof insulation to 200mm.”
The project

The club committee felt that switching to solar energy would not only be an environmentally preferable solution, but that in the long term it would save money. Having had Lewingtons recommended, they carried out the work which included:

  • replacing two 30 year old gas central heating boilers with modern condensing units
  • conversion to a fully pumped system
  • converting water systems to mains pressure, eliminating cisterns
  • installing solar water heating panels
  • replacing all TRVs

The benefits

The whole project took around three weeks, and the committee were pleased with the end results. “We were very satisfied with the outcome, although we are aware that we still have work to do on the cost control,” comments Tim “With more efficient boilers and higher water pressure, some of the savings have been spent on greater comfort in the club house and more luxurious showering”. Tim feels that both renewable energy sources and Lewington Heating & Gas have much to recommend them. “I’d advise pretty much anyone with an older boiler like the one we had to consider converting to a modern boiler. The efficiency gains are obvious and pay back quickly. However, the economics of water heating may not always pay off for everyone so this needs close study, looking at consumption patterns.”

The payback

Tim is optimistic that once the system has bedded in and control costs are sorted, the changeover should save the club somewhere in the region of £2,500 per year. It was originally estimated that it would take around 7 years to recoup the conversion costs. However, once the savings gained by avoiding expenditure of £7,000 replacing old cold water cisterns are factored in, this payback period is now estimated to be around 4½ years.

Tim and the committee were also very happy with the service provided by Lewingtons. “The staff were very good. A very professional installation by a very reliable and pleasant team. I have already recommended the company to others.”

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