Case Studies

Renewable Energy Case Studies

These are case studies completed on finished solar jobs that have been carried out by our own solar engineers. They give detailed descriptions of the work carried out and how it has affected their lives. They have been posted on the website so you can relate to other peoples’ experiences and understand what Solar can do for you.

Solar PV Case Studies

Mr Hill – Solar PV – Latest

The Amos’ – Solar PV                                                 Mr Capps – Solar PV

Mr Humphrey – Solar PV                                              Mrs Bowditch – Solar PV


Ground Source Heat Pump Case Studies

The Larkins – Ground Source Heat Pump        Mr Williams – Ground Source Heat Pump

Mr Taylor – Ground Source Heat Pump             Mr Burditt – Ground Source Heat Pump

Boss Stone Masonary – Ground Source Heat Pump


Solar Thermal Case Studies

The Balcons – Solar Thermal                               The Barlows – Solar Thermal

The Robinsons – Solar Thermal                           Mrs Sharpe – Solar Thermal

Mrs Pocock – Solar Thermal                                Mr Silverman – Solar Thermal

Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club Case Study – Commercial Solar Thermal