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which logo jpegWe are proud to announce that we are now a Which? Trusted Trader.  Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme. It recognises reputable and trustworthy traders who successfully pass the rigorous assessment process.

After a long and hard process we got the news last week to confirm our acceptance onto the scheme. We will continue to work hard to offer the best possible service to our customers as we have always done.

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Did You Know? You can claim both the FIT and the RHI!

Its a common misconception that you can only claim either the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) or the RHI (renewable heat incentive) when in fact you can claim both!

This means that not only can you end up paying only 25% of your current TOTAL fuel bill but you could earn up to £9,000 a year tax free and index linked for 7 years and then around £824 for 13 more years from the FIT alone.

There is no investment currently on the market that can match the returns of either the FIT or RHI so when combined they become an thrifty investment.

As the FIT is paid by the energy companies (forced by the government) and the RHI is paid by the government themselves they are mutually exclusive payments. Both are still index linked and tax free and having both of them has absolutely no negative implications to the annual payment you will receive.

If you would like to read more about the RHI then please follow this link

If you would like to read more about the FIT then please follow this link

Just What We Could Achieve……

Sometimes with all the impressive financial incentives we forget just why the financial incentives were set up!

Consider this:

Even allowing for emissions of fossil carbon dioxide in planting, harvesting, processing and transporting the fuel, replacing fossil fuel with wood fuel will typically reduce the net CO2 emissions by over 90%

And then this:

If all the approximately 1 million new houses built in Europe installed heat pumps, by 2016, we would be emitting about 3,600,00 tonnes less CO2 each year. That’s the equivalent of taking about a million cars off the road!

We feel it is important to remember the green initiative behind the financial benefits. With the financial incentives it really is the ideal time to go green.

Biomass Boilers

Want to Learn How Much You Could Earn?

We have our Solar PV Download Pack available now!

All you have to do is click on the link below and we have calculated what the average house will earn over the 20 year period.

It also explains how the income is generated and a year by year breakdown of how much you can expect to earn over the 20 years.

Click the link below to see how much you could earn.

Solar Brouchure Download Pack

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us either via:

Phone: 01858 433 333

e-mail: info@lewington-solar.co.uk

New Sleek Black Panels

Biomass the Quickest Growing Heating System

Biomass boilers are now the quickest growing heating system in terms of sales. This is due to their remarkable investment value!

The investment beats all other investment opportunities whilst contributing to a greener community.

For a standard 45kW System the investment is around £35,000 but you earn that back within 4 years. This is due to the index linked tax free payment made by the government for having biomass installed.

The amount you will earn over the 7 years this payment is made is around £57,500 this gives you a profit over 7 years of £22,500 which is unbeatable by almost all other equal investment opportunities.

bio mass boiler

Biomass works best in replacement of an old system, this way you will save the most. Even more savings can be made if your current system doesn’t run on mains gas because fuel is typically more expensive for non-gas systems.

With Lewingtons you also get an exclusive FREE 7 Year Warranty on all Biomass Boilers and associated parts.

To find out more you can read our page on Biomass by Clicking This Link



Solar PV Tariff NOT to Change!!

Good news to those who are considering Solar PV. The government have released the new tariff rates valid until December 31st 2014 and the rates have NOT changed.

This is a bit of a shock to the industry which expects small declines in the tariff with each review.

Unfortunately it leaves the industry and now the consumer worried about the next review because the tariff has been left unchanged in its entirety for the first time since the new price was set. This potentially means a larger drop could be due in December.

We strongly recommend if you are considering Solar PV that you do not wait for the next tariff rate and secure the lucrative current tariff as soon as possible. We recommend even more so that you do not wait until December to make your decision because you could be too late.

Click here to read our page on Solar PV

Click here to see Ofgem’s Feed-in Tariff Rates

New Sleek Black Panels

New Sleek Black Solar PV Panels Back IN STOCK

One of the biggest reservations about having Solar PV installed is the ascetics. Some people do not like the silver framed blue cell solar panels, well now we have new sleek no silver framed black cell solar panels. They look much more discrete and professional and they come at no extra cost what so ever!

Lewington Solar can now install them once again as they start to import more and more in to the country.

If you are interested in seeing how they look on a roof Mr Hill is our most recent case study and he loved his new sleek black solar panels. They are a much more discrete alternative!


Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

For the Mr. Hill Case Study Click Here

To learn more about Solar PV Click Here

Solar PV – Agricultural Solar PV Sees Cheaper Investment

The Schott Solar 235w panel

A lot of business owners looking at the commercial investment of solar PV have been put off by the scale of the investment. Previously the efficiency in solar panels for the scale of commercial wasn’t ideal but new advancements mean that you now need less solar panels to get the same amount of KWh.

This means that your investment will be less as not only do you have to purchase less panels but also it takes less time to install them. The better news is that these more energy efficient solar panels have actually come down in price!

If your farm is suffering from high overheads then Solar PV will lower these for your business by taking up to 50% of your electricity bills. Not only this but through the Feed-in Tariff you will offset your overheads with an annual income index linked and tax free for 20 years.

To learn more about how Solar PV can help your Farming Business Follow this link

Air Source Heat Pumps Increase in Popularity

According to a recent survey Air Source Heat Pumps represent 41% of all RHI applications. This is a significant proportion considering the large amount of renewable technologies available under the scheme.

Air Source’s popularity can be attributed to its convenience. Air Source requires very little space and because it draws in air to power your system works in all weather conditions.

Another reason is its affordability, although other RHI technologies are more lucrative they require a larger investment Air Source Heat Pumps only require a £8,000-£12,000 investment.

Even though the investment is less the returns are still impressive, you will receive (depending on your existing system)  up to £1,280 index linked and tax free in RHI payments whilst saving up to £1,845 in fuel bill savings as Air Source Heat Pumps generate 100% of your fuel needs.

With Lewingtons you also get an exclusive FREE 7 YEAR WARRANTY on all Air Source Heat Pumps and associated parts which will protect you for the duration of your RHI payments.


To LEARN MORE follow this link to our detailed page on Air Source Heat Pumps and what they can do for you



NIBE Air Source Unit

Biomass VS The Bank

bio mass boilerBiomass is a relatively new technology but since it was included in the Renewable Heat Incentive it has become lucrative.

For a standard 45kW System the investment is around £35,000 but you earn that back within 4 years. This is due to the index linked tax free payment made by the government for having biomass installed.

The amount you will earn over the 7 years this payment is made is around £57,500 this gives you a profit over 7 years of £22,500 which is unbeatable by the bank.

At current interest rates (0.5%) £35,000 over 7 years in a bank account would only amount you a profit of £1,242.53.

The comparison is uncanny and proves that it the investment opportunity has never been better!


To read more about Biomass click here