Agricultural Solar PV

How Solar PV could earn & save your farm money

With help from the government and the national grid Solar PV can earn and save your farm money in three main ways. The average farm uses around 4830 kWh of electricity a year, so Solar PV power output for farms is usually between 4830-9659 kWh.

istock cash house solarSavings and income from solar PV installations

The majority of the income you could earn is based on the Feed-in Tariff, this is a government endorsed scheme. A combination of the constantly changing feed-in tariff and the uniqueness of each installation it is not possible to quote direct income figures.

We are more than happy to do a rough assessment over the phone or if you would like an exact figure we are also more than happy to complete a free no obligation assessment of your home and deliver a quote for the solar panels to be installed.

Alternatively you could try yourself by using the Energy Saving Trust Calculator to calculate your possible income.

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Panel Placement & Size Information

Panel sizes 1685mm x 993mm this includes the frame they will be mounted on, these sizes are variable and alternatives are available.

For a 4 kWp solar PV system, you would require around 16 panels that would take up approximately 30 square meters of roof and for a 10 kWp system you would need around 42 panels. Ideally they would be placed facing south however deviating east or west can still see a strong return on investment. Alternatively you could chose to have them  mounted anywhere around the farm. The frame that the panels will be mounted on will not hinder the land it is on too much, livestock can still live around and under the panels.

A quote from Jonathan Scurlock who is the chief adviser for the NFU on renewable energy says:

“Solar Photovoltaic panels are completely compatible with the traditional farm.”

Obviously all these measurements are circumstantial on certain variables such as roof capacity, power needed, cost and where the roof will be facing. So if you would like to get a quote from our Energy Renewals Manager Darren King then please follow this link to.

Not Just Solar

Lewingtons as a company isn’t just a Solar company we also do Heating & Gas, if your new build also requires central heating or any other plumbing or heating installations, Lewingtons can incorporate this all into our work. With a new build project managing is a very difficult task having all your work completed by one company simplifies the managing, we can complete the work at the same time to quicken the building process without cutting corners. If this prospect interests you please visit our other website at or speak to our office on 01858 433333.

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