Agricultural Ground Source

What are the Financial Incentives?

Having a ground source heat pump installed for agricultural purposes qualifies you for the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will pay you an annual income index linked tax free income for 20 Years from the government as an incentive to take on renewable technology.This is paid on top of your annual savings on fuel bills.

The government will pay you 8.8 pence per KWh your farm produces. Depending on your farms yearly energy output you will expect repayment on your investment within 5 years time.

How does it work?

Ground source heat pumps work in three main way however the basis of the system is that water is pumped around pipes buried under ground where it extracts the natural heat which is constant even in sub-zero conditions and can turn the natural heat into temperatures reaching 65°C throughout the year. These are the 3 main collectors of the natural heat:

1. Horizontal collectors

This system consists of a series of loops of 40mm pipe work buried to a depth of one metre. The length of the pipe work needed varies depending on the heating needs of your property, but will usually be more than 400m in total length.

2. Compact collectors

These are panels of pipe work joined together to create the length of pipe work necessary. Whilst they take up less room, due to their size the trench needed is bigger at 2m wide and 1.5m deep.

3. Bore hole collectors

These are buried deep in the ground, ideal for smaller gardens. Access will be needed for geological surveys and drilling equipment. Depth can start from 80m down.

You will need to have an indoor space available that can accommodate a fridge freezer sized operating unit. As ground source heat pumps work best with under floor heating it is ideal for new builds.

Not Just Renewables

Lewingtons as a company isn’t just a Renewable Energy company we also do Heating & Gas, if your community solar project also requires central heating or any other plumbing or heating installations, Lewingtons can incorporate this all into our work. With a community solar project, cost management is a very difficult task, having all your work completed by one company simplifies the management of a project, we can complete the work at the same time to quicken the process without cutting corners. If this prospect interests you please visit our other website at or speak to our office on 01858 433333.

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