The sun is a free & unlimited resource, learn how Lewingtons can guide your investment in it today

Solar PV

A Solar PV system from Lewington Solar can earn you an annual income from the government for 20 years through government schemes and the national grid, this is whilst adding up too £10,000 to the value of your property…Learn More


Learn how you can earn even more from your land with a biomass boiler. Save ££££s on your rising fuel costs whilst annually earning around £5,650 index linked for 20 years…..  Learn More

Air Source

Invest in a air source ground unit and you will receive a system that is low maintenance, low cost and good value for money. You can receive a cash back offer from Worcester for £1,700. Learn more about air source heat pumps and what they can offer you…….Learn more

Ground Source

If your wanting to heat the property on your farm for free while earning yourself on average £30,000 over 20 years through the government then let Lewington Solar show you…Learn More

Solar Thermal

Would you like to save up to 90% on your hot water bills using a low maintenance easy-to-use system? Learn more right now…Learn More