Why 2013 Is The Year To Go Green With Lewington Solar

As we entered the New Year at the start of last month, we may have left the festive season well behind but the weather has remained icy cold. As temperatures have dropped energy prices have increased making payments for gas and electricity much more difficult to deal with.

In fact, just last week consumer group Which? criticised the government for not doing enough to fix what it calls a ‘broken energy market’.

At a time of year when many of us are turning up our thermostats and flicking on heaters more than ever, we’re all looking at ways to make our homes much more energy efficient and cost effective when it comes to utility bills.

But instead of wearing three jumpers or sitting in perpetual darkness of an evening, let us here at Lewington Solar help you generate your own electricity and heat, as well as income for your property. In the current climate, 2013 is the ideal year to go green and consider solar panels, solar thermal systems and ground source heat pumps.

Rising Energy Prices

Year on year British households have faced steady increases on energy prices, with customers expected to pay an extra £110 a year on their energy bills – that means average annual bills of over £1,300.

When it comes to solar panels and green heating solutions, however, (such as solar thermal and ground source heat pumps) you should have no such concerns. Once the cost of the installation has been paid for, any energy generated for your home is free – and of course the less ‘grid’ power you use, the lower your bills are going to be.

In addition to this, the government’s feed-in tariffs mean that you get paid for all the electricity generated by your solar panels – even the power you use! So if you’re able to completely rid your home of its dependence on grid electricity, then not only will you have no electricity bills but you’ll also be earning money off the free energy generated by your home.

With rising energy prices, great incentives and an abundance of ‘green’ loans available to help with financing, there’s never been a better time to go green. Give us here at Lewington a call on 01858 433 333 to make the switch and start saving money.

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