Lewington Solar Get Solar – Leicestershire, Leicester, Northampton

Lewington Solar after advertising and promoting the benefits of solar pv in Leicester, leicestershire, Northampton & Northamptonshire have had solar pv put on Lewington Solar’s roof! The 3.99kWp system will generate over £36,000 in 25 years and help keep the companies carbon footprint to a minimum, the system was designed and installed by our own solar enginneers and it also acts as a viewing point for all customers willing to see how they look on our roof and the effects within the unit itself. We really do see the financial benefits of solar PV and that it isnt just a fad it is truly a great financial oppotunity. These are the figures for our solar panels:

Example 2 – Large solar PV installation

Solar system size = 3.64 kWp (x17 panels)

Total estimated cost, including VAT @5% = £13,440.00

Annual solar electricity generation = 2,960 kWh

Annual income from Feed-in Tariff = £1,282.00

Annual income from electricity export = £46.00

Annual fuel bill saving = £185.00

Total annual income and savings = £1,513.00

Lifetime benefit over 25 years = £37,814


If you would like to come see the solar pv panels then you are welcome to view at any time, however if you would like to have a close up view then please contact the office on

01858 433333

or email at


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