Solar Leicester – Solar PV Installers

The rising interest in Solar PV in Leicester is growing rapidly. Lewington Solar has seen a massive increase in quoting and acceptances in the past 6 months that ever before in the Leicester Solar market!

We put this down to two main reasons:

  • People are waking up to the real benefits of solar PV, at first it does sound “too good to be true” and sounds like salesmen cackle however with the government struggling to meet renewable energy targets they are really pushing Solar PV and the incentives are massive. Read More here…..
  • Reassurance, the MCS acreditation scheme allows consumers to be GUARANTEED the government income, installers without MCS accreditation WILL NOT be able to grant the customer with government income. Also the REAL scheme means that consumers cant be sold misinformation by installers and the REAL scheme does constant checks on all its members to make sure the data they present are up-to-date and factually correct

Lewington Solar are memebers of both schemes.

If Solar in Leicester appeals to you then please call us on

01858 43 33 33



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