Climate Change Levy (CCL)

The rates for Climate Change Levy (CCL) have increased as of 1st April 2011. CCL usually increases in line with inflation however for the government to reach their optimistic targets they have increased outline of inflation. CCL is a tax on energy used by business and other organisations.

The rates use to stand as:

Gas – 0.164p p/kWh

Electricity – 0.470p p/kWh

Now they have increased to

Gas – 0.169p p/kWh

Electricity – 0.485p p/kWh

Rates from Eon

This increase your annual costs by as much as £200 a year.

Why would you want to spend an extra £200 a year when, with solar PV or other alternatives, you can earn on average £2200 a year!

This really is an amazing investment opportunity that is guaranteed by the government for 25 years AND is in line with inflation.

Read more on this amazing investment opportunity here.

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