Solar Energy Grants in Leicester & Northampton – Solar PV, Solar Thermal

If you are looking into installing solar energy such as solar pv or solar thermal in your home, office or community project in Leicester, Leicestershire, Northampton & Northamptonshire then it makes sense to investigate the solar energy grants that are available.

Here’s how to apply for a home solar energy grant.  Grant applications are made on a quarterly basis. Applications are assessed by an independent panel and if approved you have 12 months to complete the installation. A grant is paid out in two stages: up to 70% at approval and 30% on completion.

The whole appliaction process can be broken down into five stages…
1.    Obtain a quote and grant application form your chosen solar system supplier such as ourselves.

2.    Order your Solar energy system and ensure that your order is be conditional on grant approval.

3.    After checking your personal details, including the bank account you want the grant funds to be paid into, sign and post the grant application form. It usually takes around 5-10 days to receive your grant approval letter.
4.    Have your solar water heating system installed by your chosen supplier.
5.    The final stage is to claim the second part of your grant. Once your Solar system is installed and paid for, you will receive a certificate which is required to claim the final grant payment which goes straight into your bank account.

It’s quite a simple process as grants go, but as we have helped many home owners in Leicester, Leicestershire, Northampton & Northamptonshire with their solar PV, Solar Thermal or any other energy grant, we are always happy to advise and possible pitfalls.

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