Solar Leicester & Northampton MCS installers: Latest News

Here at Lewington Solar we are dedicated to bring you the latest solar and solar pv news in Leicestershire. So we are relaying you the information we have have gathered. Our latest news is that The Sunday Times recently did a rankings graph of investments making a 10% return on your savings. Solar PV ranked in the top 5.

With the Feed-in Tariff scheme coming into effect Solar PV users can earn as much as £900 a year, tax free, by installing a Solar PV system, this is on top of three other ways of earning income from using Solar PV panels on your home. With the coalition government agreeing to honour the new scheme, the savings will last for numerous years to come. This isnt just a one off saving.

If interested in finding out more on the Feed-in Tariff Scheme please follow this link to the article we wrote on our blog, or scroll down to find it.

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