Renewable energy info in Harborough on August 28th

Solar heating in Haarborough

Meet the renewable energy team on August 28th in Harborough

The renewable energy team from Lewington’s will be available to answer questions on Harborough Square on Saturday August 28th.  Using a special display unit from Worcester Bosch.  They will be able to give you examples of work they have carried out in the local area and answer questions about the potential costs and savings of different kinds of renewable energy including solar energy, ground source heating and air source heating.

In the past it has generated town centre a great deal of interest from shoppers in Market Harborough who want to find out more about whether it is worth while from a financial point of view to switch to greener sources of energy.

Perhaps we’ll see you at the square on Saturday August 28th – but if you can’t make it call us on 01858 433 333 to find about more about our renewable energy range.

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